All the required information on the Unified communications

The unified communications is a term that is used in business to describe the integrated format of the several communication systems used like conferencing over video, web conferencing, recognition of speech, desktop sharing etc. it is actually a number of products that helps the user to experience different ways of communication via several devices. The integration allows the user to send a communication from a medium and receive the same from multiple mediums.

History of the unified communications
Initially the only mode of communication was through the system of telecom that allowed one person to communicate at a time. The voice mail mechanism was recognized in the 1980. The unified communication system came into existence around the 1990s. This mechanism was developed by Thinkrite in the year 1993. Initially this helped the IBM employees in the US to have a single phone number for paging, voicemail, follow-me and faxing. This format was being used till the year 2000. Developments followed since then. A forum for the unified communications was formed in May, 2010. Presently, the forum works independently and creates guidelines, tests for the technology companies and assesses their developments.

What are the components of the unified communications?
The UCaaS, meaning Unified Communications as a Service is a body that offers several applications of communication. The various components of unified communications are –
 Control of calling
 Unified messaging option
 Existence of mobility
 Various softwares that help in integration of business procedures
 Knowledge about potential recipients
 Several tools for collaboration
 Instant messaging option
 Access of speech with personal assistant
 Integration of business processes
 Different types of conferencing
The unified communications is a very important aspect of communication in modern business. Especially in the present day when most businesses are spread over the globe, this mechanism has proved to be a boon.

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