Arctic Rivers Canoe Trips

Arctic Rivers Canoe Trips

Baker Lake is the mecca for arctic canoe adventures. You can access the:

  • Thelon River
  • Kazan River
  • Back River
  • Quoich River
  • Hayes River
  • Dubawnt River
  • Coppermine River

from the community of Baker Lake. The Back River, Coppermine River and the Dubawnt River and, of course the Thelon River flow through parts of the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary. The Dubawnt River also flows through Dubawnt Lake which is one of the largest lakes in Canada.

Canoeing is an excellent way to experience Nunavut’s incredible landscape and wildlife. Contact an outfitter today and start planning the best canoe trip of your life.

Kazan Falls on the Kazan River

Spring on the Kazan River

The night sky over the Thelon River

Kazan River Rapids

Rainbow over the Thelon River

Caribou crossing the Kazan River

Thelon River

The Thelon River flows for 900 kilometres across the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. The river has its share of fast moving waters and requires few portages. A 100 kilometre stretch of fast water leads to the river’s mouth at Baker Lake. Thelon River is a Canadian Heritage River.

Kazan River

The Kazan River is 850 kilometres in length and is nearly seven kilometers wide at its mouth. The river cuts through a distinctive rocky landscape, the Kazan Uplands and has some impressive waterfalls including:

  • Three Cascades, a series of five to seven metre waterfalls
  • Kazan Falls, where whitewater drops 25 metres then rushes for two kilometers downstream through a red sandstone gorge

The Kazan River is designated a Canadian Heritage River.