Proximacy is a website designing and marketing company that was founded with the intention to provide complete web services from the beginning of design to marketing website through methods such as seo services, Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). certified Google partner and we have collaborated with Google numerous of times. Not to mention we also provide extremely high ROI-return of investments, this is proven due to us retaining eighty-percent of our clients over the past few years, and most of our clients are always in satisfactory in the range of services that we provide due to our excellence in track record accompanied by existing clients that has been with us for the past few years.

Although we have only five members filling in different and specific roles, we have retained more than 80% of our clients for more than five years. We are heavily profited by our continual thirst for knowledge with regards to web design and search engine methods to help us serve our clients better. This helps to find out new faster and efficient ways to provide our services to you. So, take your time and consider hiring us for your service because we provide faster, efficient and better service.
Hence our website called Proximacy caters and does the job of marketing your website online with various methods being instilled such as Google’s Pay-Per-Click integration called the Ad Words or Ad Sense. The tools mentioned are tools for you to get a one page ranking with the use of Search Engine Optimizations services or even Search Engine Marketing Methods. Moreover our expert professional website designer Singapore based of course will help you in every step of the way. Such instances are how Facebook marketing services are so successful, this is because the services are heavily based on SEO methods in order to gain advertisement rankings.

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