Smoke Patrol is a website that contains electronic cigarette reviews. Along with the reviews, they have articles about the different brands of e-cigarettes and which brands are selling the best. The e-cigarette reviews are made up of many different types of people. The users of e-cigarettes are upset because the government is trying to get them banned and if that do not work they want to tax them. So far, they have not been successful. It is listed in electronic cigarette review that the government cannot find any dangers in vapor cigarettes but they have not said they are safe. According to e-cigs reviews, the only chemical in electronic-cigarettes is Nicotine, which has the same affect on the body as caffeine. The chemicals in tobacco cigarette smoke include the following:

• Nicotine
• Tar
• Formaldehyde – Used in Embalming a Body
• Benzene – Found in Gasoline
• Polonium 210 – Radioactive and Toxic
• Vinyl Chloride – Used in Making Pipes
• Chromium – Used to Make Steel
• Arsenic – Used in Pesticides
• Lead – At One Time in Paint
• Cadmium –Used to Make Batteries
• Carbon Monoxide – Found in Auto Exhaust
• Hydrogen Cyanide – Used in Chemical Weapons
• Ammonia – Used in Household Cleaners
• Toluene – Found in Paint Thinners

That is just a short list of the thousands of chemicals in tobacco smoke. Electronic-cigarette review shows that smokers are aware of this and looking for either a way to quit or an alternative to tobacco cigarette smoke. Smoke Patrol has e-cig reviews from some of the users of e-cigarettes that state that they based their opinion on the way they feel instead of government offices wanting to ban them. The user’s e-cigarette reviews state they feel better smoking the vapor cigarettes. With the chemicals in tobacco it is no wonder they feel better once the chemicals have left their bodies completely. The electronic cigarettes reviews are the best source of information for someone interested in electronic cigarettes.

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