Ear stretching was practiced for hundreds of years by indigenous people for a variety of rituals in countries such as Africa, Europe, and most recently exploding in North America and Europe. ear stretching is basically extending a healed hole from the ear and putting a plug in or tube from the pierced hole. Opting to stretch your ears provides you a personal obligation to take appropriate care of your piercing. Stinky ear plugs, popularly called ear cheese, are brought on by dead skin cells forming within the extended ear and compiling on the plug. Ear cheese is a combination of dead skin cells and shampoo/soap products coming together to form a disgusting and smelly discharge. After this occurs, you’ll have to take the next steps to rid of your ears of the dreadful stank.

Step 1- Cleaning Your Plugs
Carry out your baits and wash carefully at a saucepan with warm water. Use gentle liquid soap to scrub all sides and wash out the jewelry completely. Once completed, use a paper towel to wash and stay covered. Ensure that you don’t depart in sink or shower as possible recontamination could happen. For organic sockets such as timber, special oils such as ear stretching can aid in properly cleaning particular materials.
Step 2- Cleaning Ears
To begin with, lather both hands together with warm water and wash with antibacterial soap. In a circular movement, use one finger to rub on the interior of your stretched ear. Be certain that you rub and wash all of dead skin cells from ear with loads of anti bacterial soap and water. If your ears aren’t large enough for your finger, then try using a Q-tip to wash inside. Be sure that you completely dry ears indoors and out using a new, clean paper towel to prevent freezing germs.

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