James Allen provides lot of jewelleries. Many types of diamond jewellery are available at james allen you can get engagement ring of different metal type design and styles. Diamonds of different colours and different shape. We have gemstones like ruby emerald and Sapphire too. Very pure gemstones which are refined and cut properly by the via professional graduates.

There are a lot of Exotic and colourful gemstone collection on our site with mesmerizing and Majestic jewelleries. Really great unique and vibrant ring pendant, earring for a special occasion. For someone special.
Giving you a lifetime warranty and 24/7 availability of diamond expert with option for real-time 3D diamond viewing. We provide free shipping worldwide and hassle-free returns with hundred percent money back guarantee these are some of the features of James Allen.
First you have to start with the stone, so select your specific gemstone then select the metal type, the ring and then we will make that ring. Different types of gemstones available like the blue sapphire ring, pink Sapphire ring, yellow sapphire ring, red ruby ring and green Emerald rings are very popular among the customers.
Select your gemstone and you can enjoy with free shipping service. All gemstones are passed through moderate heat treatment. Heating of blue and yellow sapphire makes it more durable and in few hours, you get a proper gemstone.
The yellow sapphire on the other hand looks more like a Yellow Diamond. The Sapphire are very popular among jewelleries. The yellowish nature of gem is caused because of the trace element iron giving it a typical yellow colour and the concentration will always increase the colour saturation. Naturally by giving some low-level radiation by the earth. Giving it a perfect look and feel. At our website we provide best service which you cant get anywhere in the market

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