Carrying forward the age-old relieve in modern times tiger balm which was before available as an ointment is now available in different forms such as creams, medicated oils, sprays, medicated plasters and many more. Tiger Balm Ultra is an example of such a Variety of the Tiger Balm. It provides extreme relief to joint pain and muscle strains and many other problems. When a user wants to get rid of such pains he must get ready to purchase and use a Tiger Balm Ultra.

Tiger Balm Ultra is the strongest form of Tiger Balm and contains the best concentration of the herbal ingredients of the Tiger Balm. It is a non-staining cream or ointment that penetrates in the muscles in the form of heat produced by it. It finds its application in case of a stiff or frozen muscle, muscle pain, joint pain, back pains, arthritis in the hands and joints, and also back pain in times of pregnancy. In all these above cases the balm provides fast and effective relief. Tiger balm users who are in need of a more intense form of the cream will be happy about the Tiger Balm Ultra. Tiger Balm Ultra weights the same as tiger balm and comes in a similar package. It is used by sports trainers, different sports players, chiropractors, massage therapists, and team members of various sports across different countries. Ingredients of Tiger Balm Ultra are same as in Tiger Balm just that some of them are used in a bit different ratio.
Uses of tiger balm ultra are
• Temporary relief from minor aches and pains
• Muscle strains and pain in joints
• Back pains or backaches during pregnancy
• Arthritis in joints of hands and legs
• Frozen or stiff muscles

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