Having the best reception making use of your best indoor tv antenna may be a difficult endeavor. Within my experience, it might be like playing “whack a mole”:when you’ve got the antenna in one place, you get specific stations. Transfer it to the first ones you’d are gone and various stations come in as well as another place. Some tinkering is undoubtedly needed to get the most stations.

Needless to say, an outdoor antenna is perfect, but a lot of individuals will not be able enough or permitted to place an antenna on their roofs.

Here are my tips to help you receive the most stations along with your indoor antenna.

1.Place it in the Correct Place

The places that are most effective to place a level antenna like the Mohu Leaf are regularly against outwardly or windows facing walls. Begin with one of these places and run a baseline station scan in your TV. I prefer to use adhesive tape to temporarily place the antenna during my scans.
To help ascertain which direction the TV signals are coming from, go to myStation Finder and enter address or your zip code. When the results appear, click the stations’ call letters in the left column to find out what guidance the signals are coming from:
Therefore, when there is a specific station you’re experiencing trouble with, move the antenna to the wall of your room which is facing that transmitter tower.

2. Use An Extended Cable To Achieve That Window

Technically, expanding the signal level which gets to your TV will be somewhat reduced by the antenna cable, butif the longer span permits you to reach window which is facing the transmitter tower, it may be worth it.
You only have to make sure to work with “RG6” coax cable (see below).

When you yourself are in possession of a long cable, you may also try moving your antenna outside briefly, if an outdoor antenna will be beneficial to view .Do notuse an unnecessarily long a cable though, as that may lessen your signal level!

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