Though instagram came into being just about 4 years ago, it is already a hugely popular platform not just amongst social networking community, but also amongst those upcoming online entrepreneurs. With over 120 million and more users instagram is widely followed and used by people who wish to share pictures and videos. After taking pictures you can enhance the photos, apply filters and post them on other social networking sites or on your instagram profile as well. Instagram allows users to comment on pictures, like the picture and follow the updates of your connect.

How can you ensure more people connect with your photos and you get more followers? Here are a few tips to add instagram followers –
1. Instagram is a photo sharing platform, so it is all about photos. Make sure the picture you are uploading is of good, taken in good light. Upload beautiful pictures which should capture interest of more people. Mundane day to day pictures may not be of interest to many. Upload pictures that are compelling.
2. Use filters to give the much appreciated effect to any routine picture. Instagram offers a wide range of filters to choose from that you can use effectively and in just a few clicks you can transform any photo to a totally classic one. With the wide choice in filters, the user must have an aesthetic sense to choose the right filter for the perfect glow and hue.
3. You can also join or combine your images to form a collage that can narrate beautiful story in just one glance.
4. Connect your instagram photo to facebook or twitter. Thus your pictures are instantly visible to all your contacts.
5. Hashtag your way to stardom.
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