Do you want to take a sweet revenge on your sister or brother as they are playing pranks on you time and again? Then, you need to play the right prank that makes them intimated and startled for some time. However, ensure to pick the prank that is harmless and eventually makes them feel silly of themselves for believing in whatever you say. You can play a prank by making them eat all different things, messing up their daily routine, or pouring oil in the shampoo bottle, etc. You can capture the diy prank you are playing the camera to cherish it forever.

Few of the tricks you can play with food to prank you sibling include

Leave a toy or dummy cake on the kitchen counter: There is no person who does not like cake. Everyone will be tempted by seeing the yummy and luscious cake. If your sibling loves cakes a lot, then you can play a trick with them. Basically, the sponge used in the kitchen look almost like a plum cake. So, you need to cut the sponge in the size and shape of cake and put it on the kitchen counter by sprinkling water. When your sister gets to see the cake, she would get enticed and bite it. You can capture the facial expression of your sister while spitting out the sponge after knowing that it is not a cake and is a sponge. You need to use a new sponge instead of used one, since it is unhygienic.

Freeze cereal bowl: You can give a nasty surprise to your sibling by freezing their favorite breakfast, i.e. cereals. You need to pour cereal in the bowl and put it in the freezer. The next day, you need to pour milk in the cereal to make it look hot and real and then place this bowl in front of your sibling to eat. When they put the spoon in the bowl out of temptation, you can see the expression on their faces.

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