A Virtual office provides a small virtual space for its operatives to receive and deliver business correspondences. A virtual office or VO is a service that virtual office providers, offer their clients for establishing an office without physically occupying an office. The VOPs basically provide a Virtual mailbox and certain office related facilities like mailing address, office assistance and virtual office space. VO differs from office centers, business centers, registered offices and executive suites as VO does not occupy any physical space what so ever.

Though classically a VO is a virtual space provided for business communications, however with the growing concept and growing demands of virtual office, the virtual offices services are providing various other office related services and professional live communications without the use of physical occupation of any space whatsoever. Some of these services may include:-
1. Remote reception. An office team works remotely use high tech equipment to replace traditional receptionist. Various communication softwares are integrated into computer system so as assist the receptionist.
2. Virtual assistance. A work from home assistant, who rarely meets the clients, however provides assistance virtually. The service of virtual assistance comes with a big price tag and hence is offered by few of the VOPs.
3. Answering services. A call center service operating from central location answers the various queries and responds to all the questions of customers of the operating business organization. A large volume of data is handled by call centers.
4. Phone answering services. Virtual office phone answering services provide the operator of remotely answering the phone through software.
5. Voice mail. A voice mail service provides its users with the option to save and reproduce the voice chat by their clients, even when a virtual office executive is not able to attend to the call. The call can then be replied at user’s continence. It is a low cost technology which comes in handy.

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