There is a problem that is observed al around the world in all the fields. And that problem is the generation gap. There are people that are so much different in the age but due to the recurrent changes and the fluent evolution, the elder people are unable to cope with their own children. This is because they are unable to understand this world. Although, this world is something changed in forint of their eyes due to the increasing use of technology is not faced by the older people. So, there is a problem that there is no bridge between the two generations. But the Games (العاب) are something that offers a different deal.

The games are liked by all types of people. The games have no limitation of the age. There are some games that are liked by the children and some that are liked by the elders. But the fact that same games are liked by both is something that is really worth considering and thinking. There are so many games that are equally liked by the people of all the ages like that of the candy crush. There are many games that are played on the social media too. But the games (العاب)are much better than that of any other. This is because they are available online and they do not demand the person to have the account, which the children cannot have.

The games (العاب)are so amazing and popular among all the ages that they serve to act as the bridge between both the ages. The people like these games because they are in great variety. There are games like that of the chess, which is liked by the old aged people. And there is the restaurant serving and the of the muscular instrument games that are liked by the children.

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